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[Solved] How To Register On OurshopFix Communty And Forum  


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24/04/2020 10:34 am  

Hi Guys,

Welcome to the OurshopFix community, Once of all, I will like to thank all members and new visitors if this is the first time you visit this page. is the address for the new Community and Forum address, the Old blog is, both the sites are powerful, and working every content is up to date. we try our best to teach anyone what we field might be useful for everyone.

The new site ( ) is built with the main aim of helping each other, the site is a stand-alone site which allows any registered user to post their Questions and others will answer those questions, the Questioner will have the access to choose the best answer that helps him fix his problem. This is to ease the stress of any other person with similar issues next time in the future, that is a person with similar issues will check down to your Answers section and see the Best answer selected by you.

Also, the new site ( ) have a Forum feature which has different sections, you can share knowledge with others by using any of the section to Create a Topic and Tech, or talk about certain problems and what is the solution to those problems.




- Open your favorite browser go to the web address section and input

01 Goto Address

- On the top right side Click on Sign Up

02 Signup

- Fill in the required information and Sign Up

03 Form Page

- Confirmation Mail will be sent to your E-mail, Check your mail inbox for activation link

Check your Email

- Click on the "Activate" or Copy the link below and paste in your browser for direct Confirmation

Click to activate

- Finally, you will have a successful message saying "Account Activated"

Account Activated


Congratulation you're now a registered member of the community and you'll have full access to control your environment, Full control of your Questions, Modified your own Answer, Delete your Own Questions, etc.

For Any Questions let us know in the Comment section


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24/04/2020 12:18 pm  

Great work..